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Rabu, 24 Juli 2013

hello again

well hello blog, it's been 3 years since my last post here. I AM TWENTY or as Nathan Sykes said its twenteen because I don't feel or like to grow up and say good bye to my teenager life but I have to so whatevs. so many things happened in my life since. a huge break ups haha and I'll soon graduate plus get my diploma degree. maka dari itu gw sekarang sedang menghadapi future crisis alias krisis masa depan. apakah gw harus kerja? sambil kuliah atau gimana? mau ngebahagiain orang tua tapi takut masuk dunia kerja. FYI gw udah magang di kap beberapa waktu lalu selama 4 bulan. and that was a misery. thats why I dont feel to find another job. but I kicked ass at my "sidang TA" haha.

selama 3 taun ini gw menjalani hidup sebagai fangirl. a british boybands fangirl tepatnya well yeah. dan sangat amat bangat menekuni US tv Series such as Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, GREEK (this one my fav, i cant stop watching it, unfortunately the show is over), New Girl, Revenge, and even Hannah Montana!

so I just stop by to say find me on any social media such as instagram or twitter with "cipacupeco" as my username. you'll find me if I have one :P

Jumat, 23 Juli 2010


my tumblr : http://cipacuap.tumblr.com/

karena kayaknya sekarang gue bakal lebih sering maen tumblr karena surga banget disitu hahaha info sama foto"nya nyenengin banget njir hahaha
sedikit gue kasih liat tumblr gua.

dua posting terakhir gw di tumblr sebelum gue nulis ini hehe :)

so ayo kunjungi tumblr gue ! :)

Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

The FURIA ROJA promises if they won the WC

The FURIA ROJA promises if they won the WC...

1. Iker – he preferred out of superstition not to make a promise.
2. Albiol – learn English.
3. Piqué – go all out celebrating.
4. Marchena – promised to carry out what he promised in the Eurocopa – walk the Camino de Santiago. He also promised to go on a cruise with his family.
5. Puyol – left the envelope empty because he doesn’t like to make promises.
6. Iniesta - walk the Camino de Santiago, but didn’t say when.
7. Villa – he wrote “let the celebration be bigger than the Eurocopa one.”
8. Xavi – shave all our heads, including those of the journalists.
9. Torres – walk the Camino de Santiago, but didn’t say when. [Ok, have to start hanging out in Santiago de Compostela, one of my favorite cities.]
10. Cesc - he wrote, “I will invite all my friends because I’ve never lived anything like it and I feel like one of them.”
11. Capdevila – get a tattoo of the World Cup.
12. Valdés – go all out celebrating with the team.
13. Mata – do the ruta del Cares in Asturias [another beautiful area!] and travel to California.
14. Xabi – go around the world.
15. Sergio – get a tattoo of the World Cup
16. Busquets – go on vacation to Punta Cana with his friends.
17. Arbeloa – go one year without drinking Coca Cola.
18. Pedro - celebrate with his loved ones, travel to Tenerife and somewhere else with his family and friends.
19. Llorente – go skydiving.
20. Javi – dye his hair neon pink and go skydiving (naked and without a parachute)
21. Silva - walk the Virgen del Carmen route to thank her.
22. Navas - return to Johannesburg with his family and his girlfriend.
23. Pepe - grow a goatee until Aug. 31 and compose an updated version of “camarero.”

copy from islandwaters

Kamis, 15 Juli 2010

Spain celebration and Pepe Reina show World Cup 2010

Good night Madrid, good night Spain
We love you all so much
Spartans, which is your profession?... AU! AU! AU!
Well now, i want to thanks to every people who are here, every people who are in their home and every people who supported us in the world cup
Your force has arrived to us and here you have this world cup
In Special, before talking of the players: These seniors who are here, doing easier our job
The merit of this cup is also yours also ours

With the 1. the 20th May from 1981 borns a Saint in Mostoles
Stops a penalty to Paraguay in Quarter final
Stops all in Semifinal against Germany
Stops to Robben with the foot in the Final
Stops to Robben with the hand in the Final IKER CASILLAS!!

With the 2. The friend of famous... He loves Blackberry RAUL ALBIOL

With the 3. The friend of the "farandula" the "dandy" of Spain, the midfielder of the world GERARD PIQUE!!

The 4. The "bate" of Spain 55... 55 matches invictus No one can do it, the father CARLOS MARCHENA !!

With the 5. The head of Spain. Thanks to him we went to the Final with his head and his 'Tarzan hair' from Africa. The man who eats shinbone CARLOS PUYOL!!

With the 6. Sweet Sweet Iniesta the man who wrote the final script the man that everyone loves ANDRES INIESTA!!

The 7. The goal of Spain, the goal of Spain has a name, the "guaje" DAVID VILLA!!

The 8. The Baton For there, for here, now steal now give the ball. XAVI HERNANDEZ

The 9. All started 2 years and 13 days ago doing goal to Germany He made us dream He made us believe because of it we have won this cup FERNANDO TORRES

With the 10. Where is Cesc? come here..with the 10 the future of the Barcelona FC, the future of Spain CESC FABREGAS

With the 11. the owner of the left wing the incombustible the phenomenon JOAN CAPDEVILLA

With the 12. the panther of Hospitalet the genious the "caracter" come here come here... they said (the press) we got bad so it is false!! VICTOR VALDES

With the 13. the magic ankle, the friend of the hint JUAN MATA

The 14. The lung, look, war wounds for his country, for Spain!! XABI ALONSO!

With the 15. The Indian from Camas the lung of the right wing like the mister says, he is a little nervious when he centers where is he? but he does it very well SERGIO RAMOS!

With the 16. A moment, for me, the man of the world cup the octopus from Badia the tentacles of Spain the man who steal. give, remove, play and doing play SERGIO BUSQUETS

What a headache!

With the 17. The "Trufas" going to present himself
We call him "The Spartan"... why?

With the 18. He goes to bathroom and he goes sprinting he going to have lunch and he goes sprinting he goes to his bedroom and on his bed he sprints the authentic and unique PEDRITO, PEDRO

With the 19. The truck of "La Roja" the man who helped us against Portugal, the midfielders of Portugal look like bowling FERNANDO LLORENTE

With the 20. From Bilbao, north of Spain, the man who steals more balls in the world, the force, the muscle, the warrior of Spain JAVI MARTINEZ

With the 21. From Canary Islands with his Samba, his art
the pony, 1.40m DAVID SILVA

With the 22. Ahh here we have got a problem, he escaped of a mental hospital, you going to see his face, he escaped running and no one can take him because of he runs so much the "pajarillo loco" = "crazy bird " JESUS NAVAS

and with the 23. with a great headache that I can´t stand it
This humble speaker who is with you all that I feel it from heart

wah ternyata albiol doyan BB-an ye, terus gue kalo fansnya arsenal sakit hati tuh fabregas di gituin. dan Navas!!!!! lucu banget parah deskripsi dan responnya langsung di gendong gitu dasar bocah - bocah btw si Reina orangnya ceria banget ya kayaknya ~,~

Rabu, 14 Juli 2010

J Navas Gonzales has a girlfriend ?

gue baru" ini menemukan wawancara Navas sama Marca, lengkap semuanya tapi disitu dia nyebut" GIRLFRIEND beneran nih dia udah punya cewek ????
ah i feel so uhu uhu.
simak dulu deh wawancaranya :

the Marca interview – Jesús Navas

Several days ago, Marca started running a series of interviews. Over the next 23 days, they’ll run one interview a day with each of the players on La Roja.

Jesús Navas was the first one, and his interview was in the Saturday [2010-06-05] edition.

As always, here are the interesting parts (to me) of that interview! Marca also asks the players to fill out a little porra on their predictions for the top four teams, as well as two mini-questionnaires, one personal and one sports-related.

The interview

Q: What a goal you had against South Korea!

A: I kicked it well and I had the luck that it went in. The most important thing is that the team won the game. When I received the ball, I saw that I had space to shoot it, and luckily, it went in. It’s my first goal with Spain and it made me very happy.

Q: What did your teammates say to you?

A: They congratulated me. The group that we have, both on and off the field, is extraordinary. That’s really important. They’ve welcomed me and I’m having a good time with the national team.

Q: Did Sergio Ramos say anything to you?

A: Sergio’s a good friend of mine and he was very happy, almost as much as I was. We’ve known each other for a long time.

Keep reading for the rest of the interview, the porra and the questionnaires!

Q: Has he been important for you in your integration into the national team?

A: Yes, but I’ve felt good since the time I arrived. The group is incredible.

Q: What did you do to get over the problems you had? [referring to the homesickness and anxiety attacks]

A: Take things one at a time, and do everything calmly. There were some difficult moments, but luckily my family and my girlfriend were always around to help me.

Q: Did your faith also help?

A: Of course. God is the one who has given me the help and strength for everything, and is behind everything that I do. That’s why I put “God is love” on my boots.

Q: Who were you thinking about when you heard that your name was on Del Bosque’s list?

A: Everyone that helped me: my family, my girlfriend, and Antonio Puerta. He was on the team and wanted to return. I think of him every day and hopefully I’ll be able to dedicate something big to him, like we did with the Copa del Rey.

La Porra:

1. Spain. 2. Brazil. 3. Argentina. 4. England

Personal profile

  1. A cologne: Dolce&Gabbana.
  2. A car: Mercedes.
  3. A watch: Chanel.
  4. A pending trip: Formentera.
  5. It embarrasses you to… talk in public.
  6. A politician: Aznar.
  7. I envy women for… how neat they are.
  8. A historical person: Mother Teresa.
  9. You would go have a beer with… my girlfriend.
  10. What kind of work wouldn’t you like to do? Miner.

Sports profile

  1. The best goal you’ve ever seen: Maradona’s.
  2. A football genius: Xavi.
  3. What do you see yourself doing in South Africa? Holding the World Cup.
  4. A coach: Caparrós.
  5. First stadium that you have a memory of: Montjüic.
  6. A teammate that was on the road to stardom but didn’t make it: many from Sevilla’s youth teams.
  7. Your first ball: a Mikasa.
  8. A game of Spain’s that you remember: the loss to Nigeria.
  9. Your first kit: Sevilla’s.
  10. A stadium that you would like to play in that’s not your team’s: the Bernabéu.

oh boy di wawancaranya itu dia sempet nulis beberapa kata 'MY GIRLFRIEND' aaaaaaah who's the lucky girl ?

belom pernah di publikasikan ya ? kok gue googling ga nemu juga sih -,-
pas gue googling malah nemu kebanyakan fans-nya Navas yang ternyata buanyak banget yang ngagumin mata hijaunya pada penasaran siapa ceweknya dan gue rasa yang gue liat itu forum orang luar deh wooooow banyak banget yang nulis 'I want to marry him' ah i want too ! uhuk

ada yang komentar gini di artikel tadi :
So he has a girlfriend? Why do I suddenly hear the echoes of thousands of girls whose hearts have been broken from this little piece of information? Oh wait, that’s my own heart crying in its emptiness LOL.

ah kamu yang komentar itu ga sendirian, perasaannya sama banget sama gue T.T uhuhu haha
my J Navas Gonzales

ga lama abis posting ini gue nemu fotonya


Navas and his girlfriend (Rosa) ups real name is Alejandra


Selasa, 13 Juli 2010

pendapat pemain spain tentang -Safe sex in the World Cup?-

Safe sex in the World Cup? (here, the word “safe” is the same as the word for “sure” as in a sure thing.)

Capdevila: Always during the World Cup and outside of it.

Cesc: My girlfriend won’t be coming if we don’t make it to the final, so none of that.

Reina: That’s a good title for a movie.

Javi Martínez: Sex for sure, that’s a joke (laughs).

Xabi: That’s obligatory. That of safe sex.

Busquets: More than safe, impossible (begins laughing).

Xavi: Better yet, always sex (begins laughing).

Albiol: Sex? I’m not going to have any. That’s for sure, so let’s see if it’s going to be seguro.

Arbeloa: My wife won’t be coming, so no sex.

Mata: If there is sex, then safe sex for sure because South Africa is one of the countries with a high rate of STDs.

Puyol: In the World Cup and outside of it. Sex always, but safe.

Navas: I’m very religious, so I don’t think about sex.

Piqué: Safe sex in the World Cup? No sex for sure.

Valdés: Safe sex always, in the World Cup and at all times.

Marchena: For us, no sex because we can’t and because we shouldn’t. Also, our significant others aren’t here. And you have to study and attempt to help solve the problem that these countries have with AIDS.

Pedro: Sex for sure because my girlfriend is here. I hope to have some free time soon.

copy from melk.tumblr.com

hahaha Navas anak baik banget cih oenyoe haha kasian Cesc kaga bawa ceweknya tau gitu gue ikut (?) hahaha

squad tim spanyol worldcup 2010

(FromL,top) Spain’s midfielder Javi Martinez, Spain’s defender Joan Capdevila, Spain’s defender Gerard Pique, Spain’s goalkeeper Victor Valdes, Spain’s goalkeeper and captain Iker Casillas, Spain’s goalkeeper Pepe Reina, Spain’s defender Raul Albiol, Spain’s midfielder Sergi Busquets, (middle) Spain’s midfielder Juan Mata, Spain’s midfielder Andres Iniesta, Spain’s midfielder Cesc Fabregas, Spain’s forward Fernando Torres, Spain’s coach Vicente del Bosque, Spain’s defender Carles Puyol, Spain’s defender Sergio Ramos, Spain’s forward Pedro Rodriguez, Spain’s forward Jesus Navas, (down) Spain’s forward Fernando Llorente, Spain’s forwardDavid Villa, Spain’s midfielder Xabi Alonso, Spain’s midfielder Xavi Hernandez, Spain’s defender Carlos Marchena, Spain’s forward David Silva and Spain’s defender Alvaro Arbeloa pose for a group picture before a training session of the Spanish football team on May 26, 2010, at the Sports City of Las Rozas, near Madrid. Spain

copy from edwardoctavianus.tumblr.com






tema buatan gw :D